Sydney CBD based Technology Dispute Centre (TDC) boasts a purpose-built mediation facilities in the centre of the city with meeting and several party rooms and a suite full of technology support services. Unlike many mediation and arbitration spaces, the TDC operates from an acoustic engineers certified sound-proofed, high technology, dedicated centre. The physical presence is only the beginning of what the TDC offers practitioners and parties. The TDC aims to be a full-service alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider, addressing disputes in intellectual property, technology, information technology, financial services, construction law, health care, and related disciplines.

The principal function of the centre is to bring together an outstanding group of practitioners with expertise in the management and resolution of disputes involving science, technology, information technology, and/or intellectual property; provide referral services, in response to requests for: selection of appropriate experts for expert determination processes; the creation or staffing of dispute resolution boards; provide sophisticated technical services to support ADR and other dispute avoidance and dispute resolution activities; become a centre for the development of learning and practice in relation to arbitration, mediation, and other dispute avoidance and dispute resolution methodologies as they apply to ICT, technology, and intellectual property disputes; explore the problems and challenges of trans-national disputes involving intellectual property rights; and make available purpose-built arbitration and mediation facilities. We offer resources for practitioners and intend to work closely with other ADR and ODR organisations in Australia and around the world.


The Technology Dispute Centre is an international centre of excellence for the provision of a range of specialist dispute resolution and avoidance services.

The Technology Dispute Centre provides expert support and services to facilitate ADR for national and international technology disputes. Our particular focus is upon science, technology, information technology, and intellectual property disputes. We work closely and co-operatively with other ADR organisations in Australia and abroad.

We are based in the CBD of Sydney, Australia. Our advanced video conferencing and communications systems allow us to reach parties, regardless of location.

Through its fellows, the Centre also provides advice and assistance in relation to the implementation of dispute avoidance and management services.

Structure of the TDC

The TDC is run by a small board of directors. The Board is responsible for the appointment of the foundation Fellows and foundation Senior Fellows.

Following the appointment of the foundation fellows, the Fellows will form into a Council. The Council will thereafter be responsible for the appointment of Senior Fellows and Fellows, the selection of the annual conference programme, and training activities.

Board of Directors

The Directors of the Technology Dispute Centre are:

Philip Argy, a mediator, arbitrator, lawyer and technologist: see

Michael Green, a barrister and Senior Council, a member of the NSW Bar Association, and a founder of BarNet.

The Council

The Council will have a President. This person will be appointed by the Foundation Fellows.

Governance will be in accordance with the Rules of the TDC. If you would like to receive these rules please contact us.