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Dispute Resolution and Dispute Support Services


The Technology Dispute Centre (TDC) is committed to finding new ways and refining existing ways of managing and resolving technology disputes in the most effective manner, which takes account of real world requirements.

We aim to be a full-service alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider, addressing disputes in intellectual property, technology, information technology, financial services, construction law, health care, and related disciplines.

Our services

Through early intervention, we can assist you to minimise or avoid disputes. We can also provide auxiliary services to facilitate the resolution process.

The dispute lifecycle management (DLMP) process provides a neutral environment in which the TDC can provide referral services and technical services. These include:

  • host the material needed for your dispute, including telecommunications and online secure storage and ODR processes, even if that dispute is being determined by a third party;
  • provide guidance as to record keeping, record retention, record integrity, and other procedural matters to minimise the operational effect of a dispute or allegation;
  • provide assistance with dispute avoidance, through pre-dispute implementation of dispute resolution protocols, which can minimise the effects of disputes;
  • provide advice and experienced neutrals in relation to the management of grievance and contractual non-conformity or non-compliance at an early stage;
  • design B2B, G2G, B2G, and B2C dispute resolution frameworks which can be administered on behalf of the supplying organisation or enterprise, but with the benefit of third-party independence and probity;
  • provide personnel and resources for dispute resolution clauses and processes within existing agreements;
  • rapidly assemble dispute resolution consultation and advisory services throughout the world, from the TDC's extensive network of practitioners and related organisations;
  • provide referral services to panels of appropriately qualified independent personnel;
  • manage every stage of the dispute resolution process from initiation to resolution, and provide you with service assurance statements.

More information

Learn more by contacting us today:, by telephone +61 2 8998 8288, or facsimile +61 2 9237 0801.

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