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A brief conspectus of the facilities offered by the Centre.

Purpose Built ... designed by professionals for professionals

Unlike many mediation and arbitration spaces, the TDC operates from a purpose built, sound-proofed, high technology, dedicated centre in the Sydney CBD, at 155 King Street. This is on the corner of King and Castlereagh Streets.

Using a talented and award-winning design team, we fitted out the space in October 2008. We spent time speaking with experienced mediators and arbitrators before we finalised the design.

Heritage Building

The Centre is located in a heritage building offering a unique combination of ambiance and superior levels of service and technological support for your mediation and arbitration requirements. We feature artwork by emerging Australian artists.

Comfortable and Convenient

The Centre's mediation facility with adjoining breakout rooms and high quality furnishings and fittings make the TDC a very comfortable and convenient choice. Espresso Coffee machine included. Barrista on call.

Every dispute is different. Our staff are willing to assist with your special requirements.

Features at a glance

  • Well appointed mediation room with adjoining breakout rooms - all with certified levels of soundproofing.
  • Sophisticated IT and audio-visual, and video-conferencing services and on site support available including pre-mediation services.
  • High Definition Video-Conferencing facilities with presence. People can join in the meeting from across the globe.
  • Reception and quality administrative services available. We serve good coffee.

Why not call in?

You can contact the TDC for a proposal or to visit the Centre to view the facilities.

Office Hours

We are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Of course, we can arrange extended hours during a booking.

Some of the Features

We have many things planned for the TDC. Here is a snapshot of our immediate ones.

Element Feature benefit
Meeting rooms Sound-proofing, including to a level permitting the use of speaker phones and video-conferencing. The TDC has used acoustic engineers and air conditioning consultants to ensure that the rooms are comfortable and private. Privacy. Confidentiality. All too many mediation rooms are not properly sound-proofed.
Virtual Chambers and hot desking Space is provided for visiting practitioners as well as fellows of the Centre and those participating in hearings or mediations at the Centre. All of BarNet's extensive facilities are available.
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) The TDC will provide a platform and a suite of technologies for the online and remote resolution of disputes. This includes advanced video-conferencing equipment with multi-party continuous presence. You can conduct a hearing anywhere.
Online Case Management and Facilitation Platform We can help design a disputing process and then implement an online case management system to suit that process. Keep your papers electronically.
Advanced communications and computer infrastructure with technical support We understand the importance of appropriate and usable infrastructure which facilitates dispute resolution and arbitration processes. We have arranged far more than merely good coffee. We also provide excellent technical systems and support support.

How to book

To make an enquiry or to book the use of the facilities of the TDC you can complete an online booking request form. We will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm availability.

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