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The Technology Dispute Centre is an international centre of excellence for the provision of a range of specialist dispute resolution and avoidance services.

The Technology Dispute Centre provides expert support and services to facilitate ADR for national and international technology disputes. Our particular focus is upon science, technology, information technology, and intellectual property disputes. We work closely and co-operatively with other ADR organisations in Australia and abroad.

We are based in the CBD of Sydney, Australia. Our advanced video conferencing and communications systems allow us to reach parties, regardless of location.

Through its fellows, the Centre also provides advice and assistance in relation to the implementation of dispute avoidance and management services.


Room 1The TDC boasts a purpose-built facility in the centre of the Sydney CBD with meeting and several party rooms and a full suite of technology support services. All rooms are sound-proofed and have been certified by acoustic engineers. We have included some photographs.

The physical presence of the Centre is only the beginning of what the TDC offers practitioners and parties. Please look at our facilities statement for more information. We have many additional services planned. Here is a floor plan.

How to book

Booking is simple. Simply visit our booking page to get started. We publish our rates. As you would expect, discounts are available to members of the centre and members of other ADR organisations.

In addition to our rooms, you will be able to book video-conferencing time and other services.

A centre of excellence

The principal functions of the centre are to:

  • bring together an outstanding group of practitioners with expertise in the management and resolution of disputes involving science, technology, information technology, and/or intellectual property;
  • provide referral services, in response to requests for:
  • selection of appropriate experts for expert determination processes;
  • the creation or staffing of dispute resolution boards;
  • provide sophisticated technical services to support ADR and other dispute avoidance and dispute resolution activities;
  • become a centre for the development of learning and practice in relation to arbitration, mediation, and other dispute avoidance and dispute resolution methodologies as they apply to ICT, technology, and intellectual property disputes;
  • explore the problems and challenges of trans-national disputes involving intellectual property rights; and
  • make available a purpose-built mediation and arbitration facility.

A statement of our dispute support and dispute resolution services provides you with an indication that the TDC is more than its spectacular physical facility.

We offer resources for practitioners. We intend to work closely with other ADR and ODR organisations in Australia and around the world.

If there is something you would like, but cannot see, simply call us on      +61 2 8998 8288      or email us: info@tdc.org.au.


Our location

We are located on the corner of King and Castlereagh Streets, Sydney. We are about 50 metres from the Law Courts Building. A map is here. Some photographs are here:

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